La Perla: come nasce e come si crea

After years of intense activity, we have created partnerships with the most important pearls producers in countries such as Australia, Japan, China, Indonesia and Tahiti.

We select the cultures and we offer you exclusively the best cultured pearls.

The formation of a pearl occurs when a foreign body enters into an oyster.

The oyster defends itself by wrapping the foreign body with a secretion of mother of pearl (nacre) composed by calcium carbonate for 80/90%, and for the rest by conchiolin and water.

In the case of a natural pearl shell defense takes place after the random entry by foreign body. In the case of cultured pearls shell defense is caused by man who introduces into the oyster a foreign body – a spherical nucleus around which the oyster builds the defense of calcium carbonate and conchiolin.

The pearl thus formed is extracted from the shell and used for ornamentation.

The value of a pearl varies according to the type of oyster. The following are the more important quality evaluation criteria:

  • Dimension
  • Thickness of the mother of pearl
  • Colour
  • Shine
  • Shape
  • Appearance of the surface